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Compliance as a Service

Protecting your data isn't just smart business. It's required by federal and state laws. Are you taking proper precautions against cyberthreats looming over your business?

Defense Strategies to Combat Insider Threats

Insider threats are among the most dangerous cyber threats out there. Yet, organizations of all sizes seem to be either reluctant or negligent when it comes to fighting them.

Securing Your Remote Workers

Over the last few years, we have seen several tech companies, such as Buffer, Todoist and Help Scout, to name a few, switch to a fully remote or partial work setup. Most of these companies spent months preparing for the switch by training their employees, setting up remote work policies and ensuring the necessary infrastructure was in place to deal with cybersecurity threats.

Have you seen these parental control options?

Are your kids safe online? The Internet is a DANGEROUS place – so if you have children or teens, you’ve probably thought about their safety online more than once. Not taking action can lead to all kinds of TROUBLE down the road, so here’s what to do…

We honor you, the unsung heroes of our country’s supply chain, who show unrelenting dedication and support for the warfighters of our great country!

Presented by Lionfish Cyber Security with Horse Soldier Bourbon. IEDC, PTAC, NDIA, AFCEA

• Networking 4:004:30
• Opening Remarks
4:30 - Jeremy Miller
• Color Guard – VFW Carmel • Pledge of Allegiance - Tim Pitchford
• National Anthem - Sammi Lorena
• Old Glory • Toast (Flag) - David Hart
• ARMY Birthday • Toast (Army) - John Spanogle
• Patriotic Speech • Toast (Unsung Heroes - DoD Contractors) -Jeremy Miller
• IEDC - Bryan Langley (Indiana Economic Development Center)
• PTAC - Andy Alexander (Procurement Technical Assistance Center)
• NDIA & NEINDIANA - Nick Darrah (The National Defense Industrial Association) ( Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership)
• AFCEA - David Hart (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association)
• Alex Hernandez (Special Guest Speaker)
• John Spanogle (Special Guest Speaker)
• Closing - Jeremy Miller
• Bottle Signing /Networking

Lionfish Interview with Chris Kubeca
Author Chris Kubecka is a world-renowned cyber warfare and offensive digital security expert and author of the book, Hack the World with OSINT. She is known for re-establishing the Saudi Aramco international business networks and establishing security after a major cyberwarfare attack. In this video, she shares her cyber career journey and reveals her secrets to success with Lionfish CEO, Jeremy Miller.

Security Weekly, Episode #649 - "Fighting the Cyber War With Battlefield Tactics" - Guests include:
Jeremy Miller, CEO, Lionfish Cyber Security and Philip Niedermair, CEO, National Cyber Group
Episode #649 discusses how mission set tactics used by Special Forces can be applied directly to the cyber war being waged today. These mission sets are very relevant for the front line of cybersecurity professionals, who are essentially the next generation of Special Operation forces. These are the men and women that protect our country, our businesses and our families. Approaching the cyber war with this mindset, Miller is re-aligning how cybersecurity in small to medium sized businesses is structured. His team plans to be a force multiplier for SMBs by bundling resources and capabilities into an affordable security platform, making cyber security more a strength than a weakness for these organizations.

Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Explained
Katie Arrington, CISO for the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, discusses the importance of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) for all government contractors, including SMBs throughout the supply chain.

Cyber Security for SMBs - Explanation of a Force Multiplier

Knowing that 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses, SMB owners need a quick and affordable cyber solution that is easy to implement and maintain. Lionfish Cyber Security caters to  businesses who need affordable and scalable security solutions to safeguard their data, employees and devices. Our innovative Cyber Evolution & Enablement Model™ (CEEM) empowers SMBs to prepare and protect themselves against cyber threats.

How Privacy Violations, Fines and Economic Sanctions Create Darker Opportunities - Christina Kubecka, CEO of HypaSec and Special Advisor to Lionfish Cyber Security
Although there’s no flying car in every garage yet. We do have malicious code capable of crashing governments and markets easily available by Google. A world where data seems leaked more often than secured. New laws and fines appear an opportunity to reverse the current, rather depressing trend of our private data seemingly spilled everywhere, breach after breach. Leaked data, compromised and vulnerable systems have become a new type of currency in the underground cyber crime economy. Some economically sanctioned countries, seeing high returns possible from digital crime, have invested heavily. The European Union’s new data protection regulations, EU GDPR, come into force in May 2018 with wide ranging implications and worldwide income fining teeth. Unfortunately, with progress comes new cyber crime opportunities, for some regimes with nuclear weapons. Learn key points and the effect the EU GDPR can have on your organization. Serious pitfalls, loopholes and take aways. Unravel the way some sanctioned countries actively utilize breaches ad digital crime to fund “interesting” regimes and a new type of cyber crime built on privacy.

Hack the World and Galaxy with OSINT - Christina Kubecka, CEO of HypaSec and Special Advisor to Lionfish Cyber Security