Lionfish Cyber Security at Ritz Charles
Lionfish Cyber Security at Ritz Charles
Lionfish Cyber Security at Ritz Charles
Lionfish Cyber Security at Ritz Charles

The speakers at our Unsung Heroes Celebration were awesome Find out what they said?

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See what you missed? On June 14th, 2022 we honored the unsung heroes of our country's supply chain who show unrelenting dedication and support for the warfighters of our great country! Get access to the event recording using the form below. 

Presented by Lionfish Cyber Security, with special guests:
Chris Kubecka, Chetrice Mosley-Romero, Jeff Man, Leo Doyle, COL Dave Skalon, Cyber Operations Officer for the Indiana National Guard, and newly added Rich Banta, Co-Owner and CISO of Lifeline Data Centers. (See bios under the form below)

Here we have the highlights of our event. Hear and learn from legendary cyber experts and special guests who will share their war stories. (Get access to the full presentations with the form below)


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 Speakers Include:

Chris Kubecka:

Lionfish Cyber Security

Chris is a world-renowned cyberwarfare specialist who in 2012 was responsible for getting the Saudi Aramco network back up and running after it was hit by one of the world's most devastating Shamoon cyberattacks.

Chris is the founder and CEO of HypaSec offering nation-state incident management, ethical hacking training in IT, IOT, ICS SCADA and expert advisory services to governments. Prior to HypaSec, she headed the Information Protection Group and international intelligence for the Aramco family. Re-establishing international business operations, helping to stabilize the oil market and implementing digital security after the company suffered from the world's most devastating Shamoon cyberwarfare attacks which wiped out 85% of computer systems and over 35,000 Windows systems which deeply affected the countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain. At Unisys, she helped halt the July 2009 second wave cyberwarfare attacks against South Korea during her time advising the company's flagship customers Danone and Lloyds TSB. A USAF veteran, serving her country both as a military aviator and handling command and control systems for Space Command. Beginning her computer career at the age of five coding but was restricted from using computer systems from the age of ten until eighteen after hacking into the DOJ. Chris combines highly technical skills, ethical hacking, OSINT, strategy, leadership and governance expertise. Presenting at Europol, Interpol, national police, EU/NATO cyberwarfare exercises, DefCon, Black Hat, United Nations, Oxford, Cambridge, OWASP and BSides globally. Author of several technical, engineering and management courses and books Down the Rabbit Hole An OSINT Journey, Hack the World with OSINT and her upcoming book Hack the Galaxy with OSINT.


Vince Makela, Sergeant Major (Retired):


Sergeant Major (Retired) Vince Makela is a native of Saint Louis, Missouri. He enlisted in the Army and as a member of 12-man Special Forces Team 595 he was one of the first to answer the call in Afghanistan after 9/11. Riding along with 2,500 horsemen of the Northern Alliance assisting in the liberation of Mazar-e Sharif in northern Afghanistan. The 595 Team became known as the "Horse Soldiers" and are the design inspiration of the "America's Response Monument", which now overlooks the National 9/11 Memorial in New York City. A tribute to our Special Operations Forces and Intelligence Community. These actions are featured in the recent Warner Brother's movie "12 Strong", and the
CNN documentary film "Legion of Brothers". He went on to complete 12 combat deployments between Afghanistan and Iraq. His awards include the Legion of Merit, 5 Bronze Star medals including 2 for valor, and a Purple Heart. He has been married to Yong Hwa Makela since 1987, and is the American dad of John and Sue Yang. They currently live in Lacey, WA just outside Joint Base Lewis-McChord where Vince currently works for Horse Soldier Bourbon as a Brand Ambassador.


COL Dave Skalon - the J36 or Cyber Operations Officer for the Indiana National Guard:


COL Dave Skalon is the J36 or Cyber Operations Officer for the Indiana National Guard. He has served for over 34 years, including deployments for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Operation New Dawn. He attended Ball State University and earned both his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees, the latter in Information and Communication Sciences. COL Skalon joined the Indiana National Guard full time as the Network Engineer in 1999. He has worked in the Indiana National Guard for 22 years, including the titles of Network Manager, Communications Branch Chief, J6 Project Manager, IT Operations Division Chief, and Chief Information Officer.

He is credited with being the first Indiana National Guardsman to earn the Chief Information Officer certificate from National Defense University and holds 3 Army functional areas: Information Network Engineer, Information Systems Engineer, and Information Operations. Most recently, he was awarded the Signal Corps Regimental Society's highest honor, the Silver Order of Mercury. COL Skalon is a member of the Governor's Executive Council on Cybersecurity and develops force packages for the response and resiliency working group. He has held numerous roles and board positions including National Guard Bureau's Information Management Advisory Council, where he held the position of Chairman. COL Skalon has held 3 commands and was the first officer to lead Indiana's Computer Network Defense Team. COL Skalon is active with the American Legion (former Commander of Post 117), community support activities, and coaching basketball. He continues to reside in Pendleton with his wife, Tonya and their 3 children.


Chetrice Mosley-Romero:


As Indiana's Cybersecurity Program Director, Chetrice works collaboratively with public and private stakeholders to administer the development and implementation of the state's cybersecurity strategy and policy through the Governor's Executive Council on Cybersecurity. She is an experienced Executive Director with a demonstrated history of working in the business, government, non-profit, communications, public relations, public policy, and regulatory industries. Over the course of her career, she has continued to strengthen her skills in strategic planning, project management, primary and secondary research, issue management, budgeting, public affairs, media relations, marketing, supervision of employees, public outreach campaigns, crisis communications, Latino community relations, employee communications, policy and legislative affairs, emergency planning, regulatory affairs, writing, editing, and much more.


Jeff Man:


Respected Information Security advocate, advisor, evangelist, international speaker, keynoter, former host of Security & Compliance Weekly, co-host on Paul's Security Weekly, Tribe of Hackers, TOH Red Team, TOH Security Leaders, TOH Blue Team, and currently serving in a Consulting/Advisory role for Online Business Systems. Nearly 40 years of experience working in all aspects of computer, network, and information security, including cryptography, risk management, vulnerability analysis, compliance assessment, forensic analysis, and penetration testing. Certified NSA Cryptanalyst. Previously held security research, management, and product development roles with the National Security Agency, the DoD, and private-sector enterprises and was part of the first penetration testing "red team" at NSA. For the past twenty-five years has been a pen tester, security architect, consultant, QSA, and PCI SME, providing consulting and advisory services to many of the nation's best-known companies.


Rich Banta, Co-owner and CISO of Lifeline Data Centers


At Lifeline Data Centers, Rich is responsible for governance, compliance, information security, data center operations, information technology, and client concierge services. Rich has an extensive background in server and network management, large scale wide-area networks, storage, business continuity, and monitoring. Rich is formerly the Chief Technology Officer of a major health care system. He is hands-on every day in the data centers and is Co-Inventor on Lifeline's multiple patents covering power delivery and EMP protection. Rich holds numerous cybersecurity and data center design and operations credentials. His industry standing and activities include: - Chairman, IDCA (International Data Center Authority)
- Technical Standards Committee Member
- Governor's Indiana Executive Council on Cybersecurity Member
- University of Texas San Antonio DEMSO (Domestic Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations) Working Group


Leo Doyle

Leo Doyle

Leo is head of the Cyber Defense Force for the city of Indianapolis, part of the IMPD Homeland Security Bureau, and also serves as subject matter expert to the Mayor, Governor, and members of Congress. He has degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. He is a Life Member of Mensa. He was vice president of the third-largest Internet provider in the world and started the first commercial Internet company in Indiana in 1992. He was a professor at Purdue, teaching computer science. He is an entrepreneur and enjoys collecting odd cars.


Jeremy Miller, CEO Lionfish Cyber Security


Jeremy served in the Army as a Green Beret in the Special Forces. He founded and managed several tech companies that built SaaS software to solve industry issues: Investway and AppealTaxes-Now, to name a few. He now focuses on building a SaaS and service component for cyber security compliance management, apprenticeship management, and more. He is proud to be a part of the cyberwar effort and help protect our country, its companies, and their families from those who would do us harm online, or otherwise.

In addition, Jeremy has been President for the Special Forces Association Chapter 500 in Indiana for the last few years to help and assist in transitioning soldiers out of the service and providing a support system for them and their families. He is also the current AFCEA chapter Indiana President and on the board of where physicians volunteer their time to help homeless individuals get back on their feet. Past board positions include Chairman of CYT Indy Christian Youth Theater, VP and Education Chair for Central Indiana Real Estate Investors Association, and Executive Director for VetsInHouses (helping to house homeless vets).