SOC 2 - Service Organization Controls is a compliance standard that tests and demonstrates the cybersecurity hygiene of an organization. Established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), these five areas are evaluated in a SOC 2 examination.






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Why You Need SOC 2

SOC 2 compliance helps demonstrate that your organization maintains a high level of information security. Organizations that implement SOC 2 compliance are less likely to suffer from data breaches or violate users’ privacy. Avoiding cyber breaches protects against reputational damage and regulatory action.

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Who Needs SOC 2?

You need a SOC 2 report if you are a cloud service provider or store client information in the cloud. SOC 2 reports are a great way to identify how well client data is safeguarded by the organization and protected from unauthorized user access.

How Cyber Tackle Box can help

Cyber Tackle Box™ is designed to ensure organizations are proficient in foundational concepts and skills across key areas of cyber security. We are currently offering support for SOC 2 as part of our Cyber Tackle Box.

Drawing on the SOC 2 certification, Cyber Tackle Box becomes your organization’s cyber security shield by providing you with cyber security management modules that address compliance, workflow solutions, tool identification, vendor management, and training that will significantly improve your ability to defend against cyber-attacks targeting your company and community.

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