Next Level Jobs Grant

Next Level Jobs (NLJ) Grant instructions:

We are excited to help you with the cyber security resiliency of your company. We have step by step instructions on how to start the grant submission process and the stages that are involved in the acceptance process.

In short, because we are an approved training school in the state of Indiana, we are putting together an enormous benefit for you to utilize our By With Through Model which allows you to:

  • Train your people
  • Get your company Cyber Secure and Cyber Resilient with monitoring and management tools.
  • Apply CMMC compliance practices set forth by the Department of Defense that help protect your customers, employees and get you audit ready should one be needed.

This can be done all while leveraging the FREE Next Level Jobs Grant (NLG) money!


You will find below several documents you will need to apply. Please download them all so you can have all the information ready when you fill out the application in the Next Level Jobs Grant web portal.

Contact Us With Any Questions.

Our email address is

To get to the Next Level Jobs Grant portal follow this link: You may also learn more about the Next Level Jobs Grant by watching this video.