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Aug 6, 2020 - Virtual Training Platform From Lionfish Cyber Security Helps Job Seekers Learn Skills For Career Advancement

Lionfish Cyber Security announces new virtual training platform for CompTIA courses that provides an engaging and interactive experience for those seeking cyber security education courses and certifications to advance their cyber careers.

May 3, 2020 - Nine Cyber Security Programs Ideal for Small Businesses

Welp Magazine has recommended several companies, including Lionfish Cyber Security, they approve of to protect your small business from cyber security threats. These companies are trusted and their programs are easy to understand.

May 2, 2020 - Security Weekly, Episode #649 - "Fighting the Cyber War With Battlefield Tactics" - Guests include:
Jeremy Miller, CEO, Lionfish Cyber Security
Philip Niedermair, CEO, National Cyber Group

Episode #649 discusses how mission set tactics used by Special Forces can be applied directly to the cyber war being waged today. These mission sets are very relevant for the front line of cybersecurity professionals, who are essentially the next generation of Special Operation forces. These are the men and women that protect our country, our businesses and our families. Approaching the cyber war with this mindset, Miller is re-aligning how cybersecurity in small to medium sized businesses is structured. His team plans to be a force multiplier for SMBs by bundling resources and capabilities into an affordable security platform, making cyber security more a strength than a weakness for these organizations.