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eBook - 7 Elements of an Effective Defense in Depth Strategy

To effectively defend your business against today’s sophisticated threats, amplifying your organizational security is critical. With that in mind, adopting a Defense in Depth (DiD) strategy could be exactly what you need to improve your cybersecurity posture and keep malicious cyberthreats at bay.

Infographic - How to Achieve Supply Chain Risk Management and Compliance

Supply chain attacks continue to grow as hackers look for more ways to maximize their ROI on attacks by expending minimal effort. If one company is compromised, the attack could spread across the entire supply chain, hurting hundreds — if not thousands — of victims.

Checklist - Strategies to Manage Your Supply Chain Risks

Although your relationships with your suppliers and vendors are important to ensure business growth, they can leave you vulnerable to supply chain attacks. These attacks exploit weaknesses within the supply chain to infiltrate systems and cause harm.

Infographic - End of Support: What Does It Mean For Your Business?

End of Support (EoS) means that a manufacturer no longer provides standard support services for software  hardware, including identifying and resolving technical problems, hardware and software upgrades, or supporting new and known defects (PTFs, service packs and updates)

Infosheet - How Technology Reaching End of Service Can Impact Your Business

Supported technologies have routine internal security measures in place while their support teams create and release updates and patches to make the product more secure and helpful. When your organization’s software reaches End of Life (EoL) or End of Support (EoS), it will no longer receive critical updates and patches even though it may still function.

Infosheet -Regular Risk Assessments Are Crucial to Compliance

Merely telling a compliance regulator that you have implemented cybersecurity measures without knowing the risks to your business is not going to cut it. Data protection regulations worldwide also hold you accountable to undertake risk assessments regularly and document both the results and your remediation efforts.

eBook - Why Your Cloud-Based Data Needs a Backup Solution

Perception is not reality. Many organizations that use cloud-based platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft 365 have a common misconception that it’s the vendors’ responsibility to protect their data, and cloud backup isn’t necessary. Because of these critical knowledge gaps, businesses fall victim to data loss.

Checklist - Cybersecurity Checklist for Data Security and Privacy

Data has become one of the world’s most valuable commodities. However, rapidly increasing threats and attacks by cybercriminals and the discovery of widespread misuse of data by businesses and corporations have triggered a tsunami of global regulations, requiring stronger security protections to safeguard the privacy and integrity of personal data as well as defining ownership rights and accountability.

Whitepaper -Cybersecurity Compliance Management, Getting Started

Cybersecurity Compliance is a necessary evil that many companies are struggling with. The rise in digital security has triggered a rapid change in the way we do business. To succeed today, you need an edge that is beyond just compliance of practices and procedures.

Infographic -What Every Small Business Should Know About Phishing

Keep your employees prepared to deal with any security threats that come your way by keeping them up to date on the latest security landscape and best practices through regular training.

eBook - Security Awareness Training: Your Small Business’ Best Investment

Employees are at the heart of your company’s security. They are the last line of defense against cyberattacks and the first ones to notice when something unusual is happening at work. This makes them your most valuable security asset. However, they can also be a vulnerability.

Infographic- How to Prevent Ransomware from Entering Your Business

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts your files and locks them until you pay a ransom. It's a prevalent and growing threat because cheap ransomware kits are available on the dark web, making it easy for cybercriminals to make money. Small businesses are frequently targeted by cybercriminals since they often lack the same level of security as big corporations.

 Infographic- Cyber Insurance and Why Your Small Business Needs Coverage

It's no secret that cybercrime is on the rise. A recent study indicates cybercrime is now the most serious threat to small businesses, accounting for roughly half of all attacks. There are many steps businesses can take to prevent a cyber incident, such as investing in robust cybersecurity measures. However, if an incident does occur, having cyber insurance can help you financially recover.

 Infographic- Insider Threats: Spotting the Common Warning Signs

To protect your business from insider attacks, it is critical that your entire organization understands what these threats are and learns how to spot or identify the common indicators and warning signs before it’s too late.

 eBook-A Guide to Understanding, Detecting and Preventing Insider Security Incidents

Insider threats are a growing concern for business owners and IT experts today. A traditional defense and detection system is highly ineffective at identifying and mitigating these threats.

Infographic – Cyber Incidents in Small Businesses

It's a common misconception that small businesses are too small to become the target of cybercriminals and the dirty tricks they have up their sleeves. If you're a small business owner, you might even believe this myth yourself.

Infographic – Is Your Business Prepared for a Cyber Incident?

You probably have a savings account set aside for a rainy day, coverage for your home in case your basement floods and insurance for your car to cover accident repairs. What would you do if your business gets targeted by a cyberattack? You'll need a plan for that, too.

Checklist – Cyber Incident Prevention

Did you know that small businesses like yours are just as vulnerable to cybersecurity threats as large companies? Only 5% of small business owners think cyberthreats are the biggest risk to their business today.

Infographic – Risky VS Reliable IT Service Provider

A good, dedicated IT service provider gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on business growth. But, would you know if your current IT support system is really the right fit for your business?

eBook – How to Choose a Reliable IT Service Provider for Small Business

If you are a small company trying to find its footing in today’s
competitive business landscape, building an internal IT team
can be quite challenging. Luckily, you have the option of hiring
an outsourced IT department that can provide you with all the
software solutions and technical support you need to run an
effective business.

Checklist – 3 Ways to Make Your Organization More Agile

Your ability to adapt to radical changes and respond to fast-changing conditions will determine whether your organization survives as well as thrives and achieves its goals in the long run. SMBs must revisit even their best-laid plans if they want to increase agility and shift their business to meet the changing needs of employees, customers and markets.

Checklist – Sustainable Scaling

Every organization strives for growth, but if that growth isn’t sustainable, you’re only putting your company at risk. To put it simply, you should focus on scaling rather than fast growth.

Infographic – The Relationship Between Business Sustainability and Success

While supply chain issues and the competition for top talent will linger for many years, organizations must restructure themselves to be sustainable so that they can pivot and adapt quickly when market conditions change in unpredictable ways.

Infographic – How Smart Tech Acceleration Fuels SMB Success

The rapid innovation of technology shows no signs of slowing down. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) must keep up with trends to provide a competitive level of service to both customers and employees...

eBook – Tech Acceleration

To thrive in such a volatile future, you need to figure out what it takes to push your business towards operational resilience and becoming an intelligent enterprise.

In this eBook, we will discuss essential steps to smart tech acceleration that will support your long-term organizational goals and more

Info Sheet - Are Your Employees’ Credentials on the Dark Web?

15 billion stolen login pairs, username and password, have been detected circulating on the Dark Web

Our 24/7 Dark Web monitoring solution provides you critical alerts should your business domain or employee credentials be discovered on the Dark Web...

Info Sheet - Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)

Today’s cyber threats require equally advanced security strategies that continuously adapt to overcome new and evolving security risks and vulnerabilities. To protect your business-critical operations and its valuable information assets, adopting a comprehensive, layered-security defense is essential.

eBook - 7 Common Internet of Things (IoT) Threats to Compliance

When it comes to compliance, every device connecting to a “compliant” IT network must follow security protocols. Overlooking any connected devices creates a non-compliance incident that could be exploited and used to harm your organization...

Infographic - Mitigate Cyber Liability Costs In the Expanding Threatscape

Cybercriminals are experts at tilting a global event to their advantage. That is why cybercrime has increased by almost 300% since the start of the pandemic...

Infographic - The Dangerous Truths About Spear Phishing

Did you know that Facebook and Google mistakenly wired $100 million dollars to a single hacker as a result of a spear-phishing attack? Learn how it works in this infographic

Info Sheet - Automated Phishing Defense

Protect Your Business from Email Attacks with Powerful Artificial Intelligence for Office 365 and Google Suite...

Infographic - How to Prioritize Technology Gaps

Refreshing an entire IT infrastructure at once is rarely practicable — both financially and in terms of user experience. To make an improvement, you wouldn't purposely close every lane of a major roadway at once. Instead, you would close one at a time during non-peak hours. The same logic applies to technology infrastructure updates

Checklist - Find Out if You're Getting Your Money's Worth from Your Current MSP

Review our 10 core organizational resilience questions
to see if anything vital to your organization’s success is missing...

Checklist - 4 Steps to Prioritizing Technology Gaps to Bridge First

A technology audit can help you better understand and identify gaps in your company’s security, compliance and backup postures. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can benefit significantly from a technology audit when determining the best way to refresh IT components...

Infosheet - How a 'Compliance First' Mindset Limits Liabilities

Are you trying to deploy the most affordable technology solution? Chances are it won’t be compliant.

Using solutions that do not meet security, encryption and reporting measures outlined by regulations that you are trying to meet will make your business non-compliant and violate compliance insurance requirements

Infosheet - The Case for Managed IT Services

Managing an IT network can be a full-time job. Without measures to
alert administrators to network maintenance needs, internal security risks can quickly snowball...

Checklist - The 4 Steps of a Technology Audit

If you are unsure about the risks associated with your
technology and whether it will contribute to your overall vision, it may be time to conduct a technology audit. An IT audit is a thorough
analysis and assessment of an organization’s IT infrastructure, policies, and procedures...

Infographic - Why Annual Technology Audits are Essential

Before making key budgeting decisions, it is critical to understand your company's most pressing concerns, particularly those affecting security, compliance and backup solutions. Regular IT audits can help you with this...

eBook - 6 Factors to Consider When Refreshing Your Technology Infrastructure

A technology refresh allows a company to assess its IT
infrastructure's present condition and evaluates the benefits of
trying something more effective. For a company's long-term
success, it's ideal to examine its current IT infrastructure —
hardware, software, and other technology solutions...

Whitepaper - 7 Building Blocks of Organizational Resilience

Resilience remains a trending topic among organizations and individuals. The past 18 months have brought about an abundance of change. Organizations and individuals that can find meaningful ways to practice resilience in the face of change, from remote and hybrid working to digital acceleration, are at a significant advantage...

Whitepaper - 8 Cybersecurity Myths Debunked

These common cyber security misconceptions can cause major financial loss for business owners. Did you know that anti-virus software can't protect against all cyber attacks?

Whitepaper - 10 Truisms of Cybersecurity: How Small Businesses Navigate The Cyber Seas

As a small business, government entity, or non-profit organization, a ripple of fear and tension often accompanies the word “cybersecurity,” especially when it comes to the lack of preparedness. Small businesses need not be trapped in the space of indecision and cybersecurity terminology, questioning their need for protection. Lionfish Cyber Security was founded to address these concerns for business owners and present them with a plan of action that makes sense...

Use Case - A Problem Too Big for Small Business to Ignore

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in the US face unprecedented attacks in cyberspace. Yet, 31.7
million SMBs make up the backbone of the US economy. More than two in five companies with 50
employees or less in the U.S. (Bullguard, January 2020) have no type of cybersecurity defense plan...

Use Case - Banks Especially Vulnerable During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Threat actors will continue to target banks in the future. Paul Benda, SVP for risk and cybersecurity
policy at the American Banker’s Association, says phishing has increased more than 400 percent since
COVID-19 hit, according to a January 2021 report in the ABA Banking Journal...

Use Case - Manufacturing - Bracing for the Storm

The factors influencing cybersecurity issues within
a manufacturing environment have rapidly evolved in the last 24 months. For example, since COVID-19, the FBI reports a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes.

eBook - Insider Threats eBook

Insider threats are a growing concern for business owners and IT experts. According to Verizon’s 2020 Data  Breach Investigations Report, 30 percent of data breaches directly involved internal actors1. Security threats that originate from within an organization are often the hardest to detect and prevent, especially since an insider has the trust and knowledge of infrastructure systems and data assets as well as authorized access to both...