Cyber Security Support

You’ve got to have a strong cyber security posture for your company’s success in growth.

In a sailors’ language, a sheet is a rope. If three sheets are not attached to the sails as they ought to be, the sail will flap and the boat will lurch around in a drunken fashion. Pirates had a sliding scale of drunkenness. Tipsy was “one sheet”, whereas falling over was “three sheets”.

To increase cyber protection for the underserved small and mid-sized businesses, Lionfish Cyber Security™ has created the By-With-Through Model™ (BWT). This learning channel incorporates the strategic force multiplier and the By-With-Through operational approaches of the U.S. Special Forces to train employees on how to achieve a good cyber posture while working virtually alongside trained cyber experts.

Accountability and awareness are built into our empowerment channel, because we have the experience to know what you need…and it can be measured.

With ongoing support that includes professional managed security services and a 24/7 cyber hotline, at Lionfish Cyber Security™, we have your back.

Lionfish Cyber Security