Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

The Pentagon's push to protect industrial base networks and controlled unclassified information (CUI) from cyber attacks falls under CMMC.  We know that CMMC has what you need, as it follows the NIST framework and incorporates other models.  Our CMMC learning will bring you to a level of cyber control you can count on…hook, line and sinker.

CMMC guidelines require DoD contractors to meet mandatory requirements and go through multiple assessments to prove their certification level. Lionfish Cyber Security will assist you in determining the CMMC levels of certification the DoD requires of your company, which all begin with minimal cyber hygiene requirements.

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Don't Get Underwater...

Certification can be an arduous assignment with a roadmap,
but we know how to kick into action and school your team in the right direction.

  • Are you a Prime?
    Benefits for primes that use Lionfish Cyber Security™ to help prep their subs include:

    • Confidence subs will meet CMMC requirements.
    • System can be co-branded with prime’s logo and colors. Build loyalty with subs.
    • Subs save time and money with one-stop option to learn, implement, monitor and manage CMMC solutions.
    • Ensure subs have ongoing protection and compliance.


Katie Arrington

CISO for DoD Acquisition Office

“Every company within the DoD supply chain — not just the defense industrial base, but the 300,000 contractors — are going to have to get certified to do work with the Department of Defense,” Katie Arrington said at the 2020 Intelligence and National Security Summit. “We get everyone on a level-set playing field for cybersecurity, and then we can really start looking at our supply chain, where our most and greatest vulnerabilities lie and how we can work together in a collaborative event with industry.”