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Just two years ago there were about 300,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the United States according to the Department of Commerce. That number has surged to more than 500,000., a project of CompTIA, Burning Glass, and the National Initiative for Cyber Education (NICE), document these gaps by state.

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For Employers

At Lionfish, we look at your cyber security steps as an entire process and will customize an apprenticeship program to work with the roles you need in the next 12 months.  An apprenticeship offers an opportunity to take an existing entry level employee and turn them into a cybersecurity employee with hands-on training. We train the apprentice, so you don’t have to. They work as a part of your and our team, during the virtual training process, but at a reduced rate.  Our fees are structured allowing for affordability to the employer in this process, as well as flexibility, since we handle all the training.  

Nationally, other registered IT apprenticeship programs report a 20 to 25% savings over traditionally sourced talent!

Be a leader in building your cybersecurity team and driving diversity in cybersecurity roles!

It’s a simple and easy solution to your hiring needs!

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Let's Begin

We follow national and state apprenticeship standards in your area! We can advise you on what are the hottest current roles you may need or create new roles based on your identification of capabilities needed in your company IT team.

After you assess your hiring needs, we can source candidates for diversity and aptitude.  Our interview practices include looking at a variety of candidates from just out of college, to those seeking mid-career changes for new freedom in corporate roles and salary bumps, to veterans who wish to return to the workforce through additional on-the-job training, where incentives are available.

Following State and Federal Guidelines Simplified with Lionfish

We have worked with federal and state resources to align with known standards for training apprenticeship in terms of time, money, talent, and training.  We know the ropes and track their progress through the set programs based on roles.

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At Lionfish, we train the apprentices with our team first, support and grade them based on our checklists for processes, procedures, and knowledge management, and get both you and the apprentice through the necessary documentation so that they qualify as a registered cyber apprentice.  This affords you the opportunity to have an apprentice that meets set national standards, understands his role, has done some implementation while under Lionfish care, and will be ready to bring procedures, best practices, and process management with him or her inside your corporate team after 1 full year. We charge a modest placement fee, and the apprentice becomes a true employee of your team.

We can scale your cyber security programs, and upskill individuals alongside your apprentice if desired.  86% of employers have to provide on-the-job training for traditional new cyber security-related hires, according to the annual ISACA® global State of Cybersecurity Survey.  With an apprenticeship, over a 12-month period, the employer pays lower wages while the employee learns and tracks forward into hard-to-fill positions in cybersecurity and technology positions.  This includes positions like computer support specialist, cyber security analyst, cyber security support technician, IT generalist, network support technician, and technical sales specialist.

These are the popular and available apprenticeship pathways via Lionfish Cyber Security for both adults and high school students:

Computer Support Specialist – Desktop Support Tech—VI Competency-based

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Cyber Security Support Technician—VI Competency-Based

Lionfish Cyber Security

It-Generalist—V1 Competency-Based

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Network Support Technician—V2 Competency-Based

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Cybersecurity Analyst

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Technical Sales Specialist

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A Turnkey Approach

We allow for building your cyber team in a turnkey approach, adhering to national and state standards, even across multiple locations, and into other states.

We are certified under the US Department of Labor to step forward into registered cyber apprenticeships for all types of apprentices, whatever career they have been in or however they enter the apprenticeship program.

Apprentices are loyal to the companies that invest in them. Employers have found that apprenticeship actually increases worker loyalty. Why wait? Contact us to get started, or email us at

For Would-Be Apprentices

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Take a step to a brighter future!  As a registered cybersecurity apprentice under Lionfish, you find guaranteed employment while you learn, and at the end of the one-year apprenticeship, you are not only trained but receive a bump in salary from your employer.  

Equal Opportunities in Cyber Apprenticeship for Adults With a High School Degree

Are you a veteran, or from an economically challenged background? Diversity and equality in training for all is a part of our mission at Lionfish.  If you are committed to learning, have a high school education, and are ready to enter the workforce, we will have you fill out our requirements and qualifications form (add form) to determine how best to get started in this one-year journey with us, as well as determine the appropriate role for you!

There Are Two Pathways

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1.  Lionfish will offer an internal program for hires directly onto the cyber security team inside our organization.

Lionfish Cyber Security

2.  We are also working with area corporations in the Midwest who would like to build their cyber security teams through apprenticeships.

High School Apprenticeship Are Also Available Via Lionfish

Apprentices can be registered into a program at 16 years of age. This means the apprentices are assigned part-time work until graduation. After graduation, it becomes full-time work and part-time schooling. Ideally, the student is getting relevant coursework in their high school to meet the requirements of the chosen cyber pathway career.

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Pre-Application Form for the Apprentice