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About Us

Take a deep-dive approach with some of the best players in the industry at Lionfish Cyber Security™ where we have created an empowerment channel for small businesses.  Our team includes those who have served in the trenches of our military, federal government, and especially the DoD.  We are proud to be a vet-owned business. Our team has vast expertise in military missions and execution of programs from directive to detail, knowing the cybersecurity landscape.  Cyber deterrence remains an important, ever-evolving area of national concern.  We understand the tests, know when to provide you with the allies you need, and understand the enemy.  We can provide the mentorship necessary to cross the threshold to a higher standard of excellence in cyber hygiene, whether you are working to achieve (CMMC)  certification, or to level up your internal planning and capabilities.


The Pentagon's push to protect industrial base networks and controlled unclassified information from cyber-attacks falls under CMMCWe know that CMMC has what you need, as it follows the NIST framework and incorporates other models.  Our CMMC learning will bring you to a level of cyber control you can count on…hook, line and sinker.

Our Vision

To provide guidance and activity-driven models for small businesses everywhere that seek to achieve a high standard of cybersecurity excellence for cyber deterrence and resilience.

Our Mission

To provide affordable cyber readiness solutions for all businesses through our channel models tied to appropriate guidance, best practices, system standardization, online tools, activities, and related technologies that empower companies to evolve for today’s cyber threat landscape.

Leave no business behind. De Oppresso Liber!

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Meet Your Team

An experienced mix of military leaders and industry experts guides Lionfish Cyber Security, led by former Green Beret Jeremy Miller.

Jeremy Miller, CEO

Jeremy Miller served in the Army as a Green Beret in the Special Forces and has served in two wars – Somalia in 1992 and Afghanistan in 2009. Jeremy is no stranger to hard work, selfless service, and perseverance. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he founded and manages an application development company. He has become a seasoned real estate investor, including holding his license as a broker and level III tax assessor. He has also started a cybersecurity company allowing him to join the cyberwar and help protect our country, its companies, and their families.

Miller has also held positions in several not-for-profit organizations such as Chairman of the Board for CYT Indy Christian Youth Theater, VP and Education Chair for the Central Indiana Real Estate Investors Association, and Executive Director for VetsInHouses. He has also recently taken a seat on the board of directors for where physicians volunteer their time to help the homeless.

When Jeremy isn’t working towards promoting positive change in his country and community, he enjoys spending time with his wife, two children, and two dogs. He also loves testing his endurance and strength as an ultra-runner doing 50, 75, 100 and several 200 milers including one 240 miles in Moab UT.

Shawn Gardner, VP Operations

Shawn has 23+ years of military service and executive-level leadership in the technology sector. Shawn’s experience in the defense, government and private sectors provide an in depth understanding of customer needs across multiple industries. Shawn also has proficiency in turning around organizations and scaling companies to meet market demand. Shawn holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and Master of Communications in Degree in Systems Strategy and Management from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

In his spare time, Shawn enjoys spending time with his family and watching his son’s football games and his daughter cheering on the sidelines.

Leo Doyle, CISO

Leo Doyle is head of the Cyber Defense Force for the city of Indianapolis, part of the IMPD Homeland Security Bureau, and also serves as subject matter expert to the Mayor, Governor, and members of Congress. He has degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. He is a Life Member of Mensa. He was vice president of the third-largest Internet provider in the world and started the first commercial Internet company in Indiana in 1992. He was a professor at Purdue, teaching computer science. He is an entrepreneur, loves the business of doing business and enjoys collecting odd cars.

Jeff King, Chief Compliance Officer

Jeff is in a Cybersecurity Compliance and Technology Training role for the team. He is a retired, US Air Force Veteran with 20-plus years of service working in diverse environments as maintaining Strategic Aircraft weapon systems to Space Force operations to Signals Intelligence exploitation and Cybersecurity. Jeff has continued supporting Military missions in Aviation Engine Development, Joint Services Intelligence Training, Information Assurance, through System Authorizations and Compliance Assessments with the USAF Raptor Systems Program Office as a defense contractor. World History, Aviation, Future Technologies, and the Environment are part of his interests.


Shadi Jawhar, CIO

Shadi Jawhar is the founder and CEO of premium IT Services offshore. In 2011, he completed his PhD studies in France at the “Universite de Rennes -1” for “Implementing Multicast over optical Networks” in computer networking. After studying ITIL, Shadi has been providing consultancy in IT best practices for private and public sectors. Shadi worked with different teams to build automation tools and integrate different systems for midsize companies. He developed, deployed, and managed multiple projects in both the real estate and newspress domains. Shadi has more than 15 years of experience in software development and deployment, DB administration, and System administration. At the same time, He gives data management and software engineering courses. His goal is to seek opportunities to deploy his studies and skills in the ever-evolving IT domains in development and security domains.


Matt Pitchford, CMO

Matt Pitchford is an innovative B2B marketing executive with over twenty years in building go-to-market campaigns for technology companies that drive revenue and increase market share. He has been the Director of Marketing for several cyber security related companies including a Managed Security Solutions‎ Provider and an Identity Access Management firm. He also worked ten years as the Sr. Regional and Channel Marketing Manager at Viavi Solutions where he directed the definition and execution of the global outbound product marketing communication strategy for the Enterprise, Fiber Inspection & Test, Digital Video and Cable Network business segments. Mr. Pitchford received his MBA from Anderson University's Falls School of Business and a B.A. in Business Communications with minors in Organizational Leadership and English from Purdue University.

Chris Kubecka, Special Advisor

Chris Kubecka is the founder and CEO of HypaSec offering nation-state incident management, ethical hacking training in IT, IOT, ICS SCADA and expert advisory services to governments. Prior to HypaSec, she headed the Information Protection Group and international intelligence for the Aramco family. Re-establishing international business operations, helping to stabilize the oil market and implementing digital security after the company suffered from the world’s most devastating Shamoon cyberwarfare attacks which wiped out 85% of computer systems and over 35,000 Windows systems which deeply affected the countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain. At Unisys, she helped halt the July 2009 second wave cyberwarfare attacks against South Korea during her time advising the company’s flagship customers Danone and Lloyds TSB. A USAF veteran, serving her country both as a military aviator and handling command and control systems for Space Command. Beginning her computer career at the age of five coding but was restricted from using computer systems from the age of ten until eighteen after hacking into the DOJ. Chris combines highly technical skills, ethical hacking, OSINT, strategy, leadership and governance expertise. Presenting at Europol, Interpol, national police, EU/NATO cyberwarfare exercises, DefCon, Black Hat, United Nations, Oxford, Cambridge, OWASP and BSides globally. Author of several technical, engineering and management courses and books Down the Rabbit Hole An OSINT Journey, Hack the World with OSINT and her upcoming book Hack the Galaxy with OSINT.

Mitch Schenck

Mitch Schenck has been a general manager in the Internet service industry for over 20 years. Mitch has a master’s degree in management and two undergraduate degrees, one in business administration and the other in electronics technology.

In addition to experience with ISPs, Mitch has managed a variety of businesses over the years. He has been in the software development business, run an atmospheric theatre, managed a chain of cellphone stores, operated call centers, managed a real estate holding company, and been in charge of operations with as many as 600 employees.

Mitch enjoys technology-based businesses most of all because of his interest in electronics and computers. As general manager of Midwest Internet, in addition to running normal business operations, Mitch uses his technical expertise to design and specify hosting and networking solutions that utilize the latest technology. Mitch is also a Cybersecurity Specialist, teaching cyber security for the City of Indianapolis Cyber Defense Force. He is certified in community cybersecurity exercise planning and is DHS certified in comprehensive cyberterrorism defense.

Mike Cowper

Mike Cowper has been managing computers and networks for over 25 years. In addition to his experience in the Internet industry Mike has been an instructor, tutor, and lecturer in computer topics ranging from using Microsoft Word to building your own firewall. He also has experience in the desktop publishing and printing industries. In his free time, he is involved in numerous volunteer activities through his church and is the Chairman of the Board of the Circle of Janus, a not-for-profit dedicated to promoting literacy through Science Fiction.

Mike is also a Cybersecurity Specialist for the City of Indianapolis Cyber Defense Force. His primary responsibility there is teaching cyber security. He is DHS certified in Comprehensive Cyberterrorism Defense and Cyberterrorism First Responder.

Philip Niedermair

Philip Niedermair has over 35 years of experience in helping companies expand their potential through corporate development and strategic alignment. Currently Philip is the Managing Director of Strategic Alliances for Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP (WTP) and CEO of the National Cyber Group, which implements the National Cyber Education Program (NCEP), endorsed by the White House in partnership with Discovery Education/Discovery Channel.


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